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May 22, 2013
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TPA app Bryan by EvantheEevee TPA app Bryan by EvantheEevee
This is for the group :icontotal-pokemon-island: and their second season, Total Pokemon Action~

Name: Bryan
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 1st
Age: 15
Pokemon Species: Buizel

Personality: Bryan usually appears like he's not interested, but in truth, he's eager to win the million poke. He can keep a straight face even though the most hilarious events. Though, he knows when he should have a laugh so he doesn't insult anyone. It takes something really different for Bryan to change himself such as meeting a girl that he finds to be cute in his eyes. (Someone knows what I'm talking about~ :D) Once that happens, he appears to have a change in attitude, but will try to hide it from others as best he can.

Hobbies: Bryan is somewhat of a strategist and will take a look around every now and then to get to know what goes on around him. Even if he's not observing anything, he likes to simply walk around. Secretly, he dreams that he would eventually 'walk on the beach' with someone.

History: Ten years ago, long before Bryan truly understood the concept of money, his parents relied too heavily on loans and eventually had to stop before they went too far in debt. Now they have struggled since then and Bryan found out about all the poke his parents owed out to different pokemon. He needed to find something to get his family out of debt before they go bankrupt. He heard about this show even though he hasn't seen it, and he believes he has what it takes to be a contestant in a new season known as Total Pokemon Action. Bryan's parents didn't like the idea of their son going off like this, but what choice did they have? So, Bryan took the next bus to the place where the show was going to take place. As soon as he got there, he couldn't believe his eyes as he saw a beautiful riolu girl. He wanted to know her name.

Accessories: None

Why you want to join TPA: :shrug: I heard about the million poke and all I gotta do is endure a few months of challenges. I mean, come on... how hard can they be? Anyway, I actually need the poke for personal reasons. Mainly the fact that my family is in some serious debt to a few loans. I want to help eliminate that debt to be able to support ourselves a little better.

Bryan the buizel belongs to me

The group and app base do not belong to me

Buizel and pokemon do not belong to me

The riolu girl is Ora and she belongs to :iconpika159: this is Ora: [link]
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Anko6 May 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:star:Congratulations, Brian the Buizel has been accepted to join Total Pokémon Action! :) :star:

Could you please put one last sentence in the history for me, though? Thanks!
I just took a look at the number of sentences that I put and this was my reaction... D8 How did I not notice!? I'll get right on it~
Anko6 May 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for adding on! :)
Bryan's a cuuutiie~!!!
Bryan: DX EVAN!

Me: XD Get Ora to say that~

Bryan: O///O Say what?
Pika: Okie Dokie! Oraaaa~!! Look here!

Ora: Hm~? He looks a bit cute~ ^^
Bryan: O///O Uh... um... :blushes: H-hi... I'm Bryan.

Me: Bryan, perhaps you should save an introduction for if you both get into the group.

Bryan: -_- Who asked you Evan?
I want to join now since my date says it's already 5/23/2013
I sent in Bryan's app already~ I explained that I wouldn't be here tomorrow, so I hope it doesn't hinder Bryan's chances of getting in. If we both get in... how about we hook Bryan and Ora up~ XD

Bryan: Don't you dare! I can... ask her out myself.

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